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Take Your Writing to the Next Level

Is writing fun – or a struggle? Do you sweat sentences into perfection or play with them like a fun puzzle? Do you think you’re a good writer, or not good enough? How can you tell?

This course makes your writing clearer and more lively by showing you basic skills that journalists know. We’ll cover all the things you have to write daily for yourself and your clients, including e-mails, bios, blog posts, website copy, descriptions, articles and promotional material. You’ll learn proofreading skills, too, so you can catch errors before you press “Send.”

Writing is rewriting, and you’ll learn how to be your own editor. The goal of this course is to give you the confidence that, while it may not always be perfect, your writing is definitely “professional.”

Session 1: Bios (Short, medium, long)

Session 2: E-mails, proofreading

Session 3: Blog posts, articles

Session 4: Website copy

To register, e-mail:


or call 310.285.3009.

It's $197 for

the 4-class series.

These classes will be available in January.

Keep watching this page for the dates and times.

It will be worth the wait!